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Welcome to DayZ Aftermath!

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DayZ Aftermath Livonia

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DayZ Aftermath Chernarus

Server 1:

Server 2:

Server 3 :

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DayZ Aftermath Namalsk



Donations help us keep the servers running and bring new features for everyone

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Join our Discord for full server information.

Please be sure to read our full list of rules for the servers before playing. If you require help in game then please make a support ticket and we will be happy to help with any issue.

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Queue Priority & Custom Clothing

Queue Priority:
$15 Donated per month via our Patreon will give you queue priority on all of our servers (apart from Namalsk) and any future servers we release. Queue Priority is only available via Patreon Donations.

Custom Clothing:
We will make you or your squad some custom clothing that can be added to the Traders for $15 per item. Custom Clothing is only available via Paypal Donations.

Custom clothing is accessable by all players at all times via the Trader and offers no advantage within the game other than cosmetic.

Please contact me via Discord @Smokingbro#0001 so I can collect relevant information from you after you donate.